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Today i got a new task, it is about calling to companies and speak with those who handle the Marketing/advertising of a particular brand.

Today i make nearly 15 calls, through this i could understand many things like organization culture of different companies, how systematic they are, how they react to the calls e.t.c

Acer Aspire

I started with Acer Aspire , first I tried the toll free number, it is always busy. Then I called to the number which they given as their different branch but atlast I could know that they are only selling the laptop, and don’t know anything about the company. But they speak good and replied well, but they are not systematic, It took nearly half an hour to get details of Acer Aspire I can gave 4 out of 10.

Neo sports

Then i move to Neo sports, it was a ridiculous experience. First I called to the person who handles the media, she replied quite well and told me to talk with some one from Marketing & Ad department and she gave both the number and name of concerned person.

She told her name as “ shryda “ and I called her and greet with this name, but she get angry and told me that you mispronounce and go back to the last person and study my name and come back. How ridiculous is this ? I am not so familiar with north India names. I agreed that i should have to understand how to pronounce her name. But she could forgive and tell how her name pronounces. It shows the organization culture of a company. So I give 1 out of 10 for Neo sports.

Abharan Jewellery

It is an perfect example for unsystematic approach of a frim. I got Two numbers and an emil id from their site. Nobody picked the phone, I got this message “Delivery to the following recipient has been delayed “ for my email.

So I am giving 0 out of 10 to them.

These are all my personal Views………….. agian

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