Lessons from the recession..  

Posted by shiju mon


Last Friday we attend the seminar comes under the Gyann Series conducted by Ad club Madras.
This session is taken by
Mr. Satish Kumar (Managing Director,Henkel India Limited)

This session is relevant during this days.He spoke about the causes and opportunities we can find during the recession time.

But at the end of the session he spoke about something which really matters to me, its regarding the new recruitments in his company and other companies. I think it will be hard to get a new job during this tough time. Let see what will happen.

During this function they also gave the prizes and certicates for the last batch of PGDAM.

Wild snakes in chennai....  

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The outskit of chennai city is filled with wild snakes, like you seen in this picture. You are able to find these type of snakes near to the bar, they call it as a TASMAC.

I was very proud to be an mallu because i thought we are the one who consume more liquor than any one but when it comes to show these peole gaining more points.

Trip to tirupati  

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Last week we went to tirupati the richest temple in the world in bike. It was really fun we enjoyed a lot and had many great experience.

We started our journey from chennai at nearly 6.00 pm and reached there before 11.00pm. But it is always better to start before the peak hour between 4 to 7. We caught in a traffic jam and it took nearly 30 min to escape from that hell. If you are going in car it could be worse. so try to start before 4.00 pm.

Tirupati is a well maintained and clean city than any other place i have visited earlier for the pilgrimage purposes.

If you want to enjoy tirupati and tirumala try to go in your private vechicle, if it is bike you can explore everything.

But when you go to tirumala by bike dont forget to take helmet. If you forget helmet dont worry i will you a useful tip.

TIP: go to the nearest tea shop which is near to the checking point and pay Rs. 400 advance and Rs. 40 rent you will get one.

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