Intresting Class...  

Posted by shiju mon

Last Friday we had a great class by Kota from Rubecon Ad agency.

He told us to take some snaps by using camera phone, but each snap should represent any alphabet from A to Z.

Lets look my snaps...

1. It represents alphabet 'A'


2. this represent 'J'


3. and it represent 'L'. I know it is bit difficult for you to accept.

Jimmy Wales in Chennai  

Posted by shiju mon

Last Friday Jimmy Wales came to Chennai ( the founder of Wikipedia) for the inauguration of wikipedia Acadmey.

All the credit for this great things goes to Kiruba Shankar, co-founder of Knowledge Foundation and our lecture in Ad Club Madras.

The core object of this academy is to share all about wikipedia.

Those who know somethings about wikipedia can go and share their knowledge with those who don't know or having little knowledge about wikipedia.

Jimmy Wales was accompanied by Sue Gardner, executive director, Wikimedia Foundation.

But unfortunately i cant find any news about this great occasion in any media except "The Hindu"

Read more....

1. The Hindu
2. Kiruba's Blog

Yesudas Rocks...........  

Posted by shiju mon

Atlast my dream came true.........

Today i met ganaghandervan Yesudas from Karnataka School in T.Nagar Chennai. He came for a concert the ticket range from 200 to 500 but i could enter without paying single penny and surprisingly i sat in the stage very near to him. Because my friend is from Manglore and his close relative is the main person who look after all these cultural activities.

He sung many song including my favorite song "Vadabi Ganapathi".

Beautiful Navel Contest  

Posted by shiju mon

Is it navel very important in sex?

As far as i am concerned it is very important for me. Personally i dont like girls having fat belly and ugly navel.
Most of the guys will accept my opinion.

I know we cant change our navel but you can workout little bit on belly and make navel more attractive.

So girls start doing exercise and reduce your fat belly.If you are looking for a six pack abs in guys we are looking for good navel without packs.

Lets see some examples....and start burn your fat.

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