Where is the petrol ?  

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No Stock..........

For the last couple of days all indians have been asking only one question " Where is the petrol?".

The reason for this crunch is too complicated from the strike of lorries to the officers of the petrol companies. Any way the impact was so bad.

I think it is the time to take a strong action, take empty bottles and run baby run. Nothing else can do because it is our own India.

Chennai Open....... somdev rocks  

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Starting of this year is pretty good because i could see this year's chennai open. You may think it is not a big deal, but for me it is a big deal because this is the first time i am watching professional tennis not in television. But it is not so excited as i thought when i went to quarterfinal but the final is superb because of the huge crowd.

I watched the doubles quarter final and both final matches. The main attraction of this year's chennai Open is Somdev. He is playing really well and he beat top guys like Carlos Moya. Everybody was cheering for him but unfortunatelly he losed in the final against Marin Cilic

But it is very difficult for getting ticket if you havent booked earlier, but i will give you a great tip go to the nearest tea shop and ask any official guys standing in the tea shop you will get "Official Black Ticket". But unfortunatelly you can use this tip only next year.I got Rs. 100 ticket at 150 for quarter final and 200 for final.

It is a Doubles quarterfinal match Bupathi team is in black. Quarter final is too boring there was no good crowd as i expected and Bhupati's team also beaten by the swiss team.

This is the final match... look at the crowd they gone wild for Somdev.

This is Award function. somdev got nearly 15 lakh of indian rupee and cilic got nearly 36 lakh of indian rupee as prize money. Isnt it amazing ?

And atlast my favourite part, free sample. Everybody got a sample pack of "sugar free". I am expecting some more next year. haha

Thanks for reading guys............. if you have cool pics of this event please send to me, i mean pics took by yourself

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