Paypal........ made me crazy  

Posted by shiju mon

paypal... everybody saying that it is a good way for sending money through internet.

May be right but it is not at all a good way for receiving money, atleast for me.

One of my friend from spain send money(only $100...dontx come to collect tax please) 2 my paypal account.

It is almost 4 month, i have been trying it to make it as a currency.

Hindrances i am facing

I dont have account in any bank which is mentioned by Payapl.

2. They mentioned an option about withdrawing money through debit card, but in india they are not supporting the Mastercard & and when try the Visa card... i am getting a failure message that my card is not valid and my bank havent confirmed my card, but i still can use it for withdrawing money from ATM.

3. Then next option is apply for check, but they dont give check for less than $150.

4. At last i transfered my paypal amount to my friend's account... i thought he can convert it 2 cash because he have account in ICICI bank. But paypal need IFSC number... so me and my friend waiting for that ...i hope it will get this week.

Guys please pray for me.................

So when you make transaction in Paypal, please be check all these things.

I hope this post will help atleast one guy........ ..........................

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