Surprise for Kiruba  

Posted by shiju mon

We gave one surprise treat to kirub for some reasons like inaguration of wikipedia academy, brining Jimmy Wales to Chennai e.t.c.

He is a visiting faculty of Ad Club Madras, fortunatelly i am studying there.

This is a cake which we brought for kiruba......

He started to cut the you can expect something fun.

We call it as a Cake facial.

A small gift for Kiruba...... it is a mic, thanks for karthik and Punkaj for buying the suitable gift to kiruba.

My funny resolution of this year.......  

Posted by shiju mon

Now i am 22 year old but still i didnt kiss a girl yet. I think it is time to take some action because some of my friends started to play real games. I should atleast kiss somone.

This is my funny object of this year......

Now i am living in chennai,

is any body want to be kissed by myself ? ...... haha

Back to home...  

Posted by shiju mon

Eventhough fever ruined major portion of my holiday i could take some beautiful pics of my hometown.

This is a one way to Kunnath Temple, but i could find disposable glasses, empty bottles of drinks in this way.
I think it was used for kept drinking water for the travellers.

It is a official pool of a temple, earlier it was heaven for the guys in these area because of "kuliseen" but unfortunatelly nobody use this pool.


This is a way to temple, a great treadmill you can ever see in this world. More than 150 steps.

Entrance of an old house.

fever messed up my holiday...  

Posted by shiju mon

I am really angry about him. He dont have any sort of manners and he is very cruel.
He is not able to understand the feelings of youngistan and he come whenever we dont need him but he will never come when we need him.

Hey fever i really really F@%$k you. You ruined my much awaited holiday, new year and my birhtday.

So please go and learn some manners.

We were praying for you when we studying in the schools but you didnt come but now i dont need you because i dont have any homeworks to do so please stay away from me.

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