Clever Merchant...  

Posted by shiju mon

I saw one really clever shop keeper in Amjikarai. 

He is really smart because he don’t have a weight for small quantities like 50g, 25 g e.t.c.  So he uses some products in that shop which has the same weight like chips packet for 50g.

chennai police really tough..  

Posted by shiju mon

Hey guys be very careful when u deal with chennai police, they are really tough than you think.

 Last Saturday i saw a horrible seen where one police dealing with a drunker.  The victim is also a partially handicapped.

 The police beat him like a dog, the victim is also not so good because he was arguing with the police and hold his color.  That mad the police angry and he took him into autorikshaw and went to station.

I don’t know whether that guy is still alive.


 Guys i took these photos with some sort of risk, so as far as i am concerned it is the best pictures of mine.

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