At Ad Film set  

Posted by shiju mon

Today me and my friend in ad club went to AVM studio to see one of the prominent ad film maker Kammath because he is planning to do his intern in ad film making. I also accompanied with him and got a chance to see the making of an ad film.

It is for the jewelery brand called Emanuel Jewellery from kerala. It is directed by Rajeev and Camera man is Kammath.

And the model is film artist , she is pretty and very lively and energetic. I couldnt see any sort of bad behaviour i have heard about film stars.

Nearly 20 to 30 can see in that floor who busy with their work and also can see nearly 10 to 15 guys like us who come to see the shoot.

Fairpro 09 property show  

Posted by shiju mon

I had a many doubts about the success about FairPro 09 before when i went to the Venue. Before when i went to this property show i had a wrong perception that nobody will buy or book the villas and flats during this tough time. But the crowd and the stalls revel me that there are still many guys having money and looking for new villas and flats.

But almost every builders reduce the price/square feet. Some villas which cost nearly one lakh some months ago are now avail at nearly 60 lakh.

I saw more crowd in the stall of SBI home loan, because they recently cut the interest rate of the home loan.

I was not so interested to go for that show, i just accompanied with my friend who is working in an ad agency. He wanted to know who are the new players in this field and projects


Crazy Combination  

Posted by shiju mon

You may seen the advertisement of Bingo which telling about crazy combination, but my friend is far better than Bingo guys for finding a Craziest combination.

I know you are very curious about the combination.

He found a new combination ie. coffee with sambar, i mean he drinks sambar with Coffee. He take sambar insted of Vada or Bajji.

I think he have to take patent for this crazy combination because he can sell this idea to Bingo or Lays.

So try this out and find new combinations.

Tea @ 1 am  

Posted by shiju mon

One of my friend having a habit of taking tea irrespective of the time. Some days back we were watching one movie upto late night 1 am.

Then he forced me to go for tea, i was shocked what the hell is talking about tea at 1 clock and who is going to give tea at this time.

But guys there is a one place for you if you really want a tea after 12.oo, take your bike and ride near to the pothys textile and you can find one person selling tea in his bicycle. His main clients are securities guard working in T.nagar area. You can also find a Ice-cream person near to him.

Guys believe me it is a great tea, it is worth to go even at one'O' clock. There is only one life to enjoy so experience everything and try this out.

Soft warning by Landmark  

Posted by shiju mon


It is a nice warning you can see in the Landmark which situated in the city center Chennai.

We had some class about copy writing, everybody is telling that the copy should be simple enough to understand by every one.

I think we can take it as a good example.

This once carry humour, message, warning e.t.c

Owsome work....... you are F@$king smart guys.

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