Siva lingam stone….. a real experience  

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I hope you may heard about the siva lingam stone which we can find in the banks of Narmada River.

I had an experience with that stone…

Once me and my friend went for an trade exhibition in Chennai, while we are roaming there my friend got see some strange stone and bought that stone after a one hour bargaining. I was surprise that he bought that stone by giving nearly 1000 rupees.

I didn’t have any idea about that stone, after buying the stone he described the importance of that stone, it is Siva linga stone… which is rarely seen in the banks of Narmada River.And he told this stone can change our life if we could maintain it well. And he brought the stone and kept in pooja room.

From next day onwards.. that stone started to make influence on him, he got fever in the morning, but he went to job and in the evening his condition became worse, he started to say something I cant understand and then he stop talking and started to communicate with gestures.

At last he took that stones from the pooja room and kept in other place... then he started to become normal.

The reason for all that thing is that, he couldn’t maintain these stones well, as long as you keep it in a pooja room , he had to maintain it well. But he couldn’t do that.

So please be careful before you are planning to buy these stone….. if you cant look after it well……. Think twice.

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