My noodles experience  

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One of my chat friend "Dark Lord" taught me about how to make noodles, i used to make noodles according to the description which is given in the packet. But this recipe is very different.

After a long time i entered the kitchen for making something, which happened in one sunday fortunatelly my parents went for a marriage on that day.

I started my cooking in a good pace, but i had to face many hurdles to make this one.

First hurdle is that i forget to buy carrot and beans so i had to rush to shop in the middle of cooking, i managed to buy that one without affecting the cooking.

The second thing is that my new ketchup bottle broken, i tried to open that one without using opener, but it ended up in a tragedy , unfortunately it fell down and the bottle brockened. but i could manged to get some ketchup for this prepartion.

The third one is that after my preparation the cooking gas become empty,

i have to wait my mam's response.......... i dont know how she will response but any way it was a great attempt.

Thanks for the "dark lord " for this recipe....

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